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Environmental Mitigation Revetment Project Update

RMIPA’s Environmental Mitigation Revetment (EMR) Project, previously called the revetment project, is almost a year into its construction phase since the issuance of the Notice To Proceed. The main purpose of the project is to construct a new revetment wall along the existing lagoon coastline from the airport terminal eastward to the water reservoirs, as shown on the photo below.

EMR from above terminal comp

The area was unprotected prior to the implementation of the EMR project. The lack of revetment protection in the area has caused significant erosion due to sea level rise and other environmental factors, not to mention flooding of the existing road during kind tide events.


Included in the project will be construction of public access ways over the revetment to the beach. This feature was added so that the public can have easy access to the beach. In addition, covered picnic facilities equipped with picnic tables, barbecue and refuse facilities, will also be constructed for the public’s use.


The contractor for the project is Pacific International Inc. and the construction management services is provided by Beca International Consultants. Ltd.

The current completion date of the EMR is June 2016.

Delap and Uliga Docks Inspection

Earlier in calendar year 2015, the RMIPA engaged the services of LYON Associates and their sub-consultant, Sea Engineering, to performed a complete underwater inspection of both the Uliga and Delap Docks on Majuro Atoll. This inspection included a visual inspection, a removal of growth at the waterline, mid-depth, and mudline at 100-ft intervals along the length of the dock,  and ultra sound thickness and cathodic protection tests for the entire length of both docks. In addition to the underwater inspection, LYON performed an above water inspection of the concrete decking and appurtances along the Uliga and Delap Docks.

The results of the inspections identified various deficiencies along the dock face (at and below the waterline) as well as the top of the dock structure. Here are a couple of some of the underwater deficiencies or damages.

Uliga Dock

Delap Dock Impact

The RMIPA will soon issue a tendering notice for the repairs of the docks. “It is our intention to bid out the entire repair works as one package but with a phasing plan prioritizing each repair, from most to least urgent,” RMIPA Director Jack Chong-Gum said. The tendering approach should result in a possible reduction in overall repair costs.

Wall Repairs and Security Fence Project Update

Work is underway to install a new TSA-compliant security fence on the ocean side of the runway at Amata Kabua International Airport. The fence design was changed to aluminum chain link due to the corrosive environment of the island. This should ensure an extended life for the fence and that minimal maintenance is performed on the fence. The length of the new fence is approximately 8700 feet.

An additional component of the project is to effect repairs to the concrete wall, also located on the ocean side of the runway. Back in June of 2013, sections of the concrete wall were destroyed by huge waves during a king tide event. “When these sections fell down, a lot of debris and sea water covered the runway, which forced the RMI Ports Authority to temporarily shut down the airport due to safety reasons,” said RMIPA Director Jack Chong-Gum.

Both the fence installation and wall repairs are currently scheduled for completion in early May 2016, provided there are no unforeseen issues come up during the construction. Updates will be posted as necessary.



The contract for the project is Pacific International Inc. AECOM is the consulting firm selected to oversee construction activities of the project.


The RMI Ports Authority has done it again! For the third straight year, the RMIPA has achieved a “no findings” audit report from Deloitte & Touche.

“This did not happen by pure luck or chance,” said RMIPA Director Jack Chong-Gum. “It happened because of the professionalism, honesty, and perseverance of all the people that are involved in the management and operation of the RMIPA, from the Board of Directors all the way to the line maintenance staff.” A special kudos to the RMIPA Finance Team!

Director Chong-Gum went on to say, “This is truly an amazing and unprecedented feat for the RMIPA as a public agency of the RMI Government, considering that it has directly managed on its own more than $70 million of U.S. Federal grant funds since 2006. And not a single penny went missing!”

Like any other public agency or state-owned enterprise, the RMIPA is required to be audited each year by external auditors to ensure that its financial records and how it spends public and federal funds are in compliance with the stringent requirements of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP) and OMB Circular A-133. The unqualified audit report that the RMIPA received for fiscal year 2014 simply means that auditors have determined that each of the financial records provided by the RMIPA is free of any misrepresentations and in accordance with the standards stated above.

More information on the RMIPA’s audits can be obtained by contacting the RMIPA or visiting the RMI Auditor General’s website at

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