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The RMI Ports Authority held a private funeral ceremony for Claus Ostwaldt who died on 8th December 2017 at Majuro Hospital.
Close friends and coworkers of Claus gathered at the PII dock on Saturday 16th December to remember Claus who has worked in the RMI since the early 1980s…

Majuro 2017 Aerodrome Workshop PowerPoint Presentations

Majuro 2017 Aerodrome Workshop PowerPoint Presentations are available for download:

0 Aerodrome Workshop Framework – RSIMPSON FINAL Agenda Workshop 2017 1 AIP & ADO UPDATE FOR MICRONESIA – GWONG ARFF Medical Protocol HDOT SMS Update Presentation 3 MAJ SMS Project – TMADDISON 4 GCR AirportIQ MI – SBLESSING 5 Baldwin SMS Portal RBROWN 6 ARFF Advances in Infection Control Response 2017 JFERKO 7 Health Surveillance and Diagnosis for Mitigating an Outbreak – ABEN 8 DAY 2 SRM Safety Performance Tools GIM THONG 8 SRM SPI Majuro_8May -GTHONG 9 Strategies for Implementation of SMS – DWARD ARFF Medical Protocol 11 Strategic Medical Response Web then and now – JFERKO Airport Fire Fighter Safety Leadership Programs FOR DISTRIBUTION 13 Full Scale Exerc PalauAirportAAR2016 – PPOLLOI YAP FSE After Action – JDATMAG APA PRESENTATION MAJURO – STONE Majuro Aerodrome Workshop – ARFF Operations Presentations 22 RMI USOAP – SMYAZOE 23 PNAA Transition – PPOLLOI 24a FSM Reguinal Update – MHALBERT 24b Nauru Aerodrome update – LOLSSON 25 KIRIBATI CAA Update – ATEIKAKE 26 FSM Safety & Security Commission – MHALBERT HDOT Outreach 33 Self Insp Program – JREYES 30 – Airport Operations at Pohnpei International Airport -RREYES 32 Self Inspector Training – DWARD Airport Markings EMUNA Law Enforcement Response & Training – DDDELGADO HNL-ARFF SMS Safety Orienation

New Terminal Facility

Pryzm Consulting LLC is assisting the Republic of Marshall Islands Ports Authority (RMIPA) to develop a financing proposal to construct a new Airport Terminal at the Amata Kabua International Airport (AKIA) in Majuro. PRYZM will conduct a public information meeting to discuss the proposed project and to provide the opportunity for public comments. The meeting will occur on Thursday February 23, 2017 at Hotel Robert Reimers, Jokuutaak waterfront from 2:00 PM to 4:00 PM.

If you have any questions or require further information regarding this public meeting, please call RMI Ports Authority Office 625-8269. Attn: Mr. James Bing II, email:

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