Majuro Apron Rehabilitation

Majuro Apron Rehabilitation, Amata Kabua International Airport

The Republic of the Marshall Islands Ports Authority (RMIPA) undertook a project to rehabilitate the apron pavement at Amata Kabua International Airport. This project included both an asphalt concrete overlay of the existing asphalt pavement and the construction of two concrete hardstands – one at Gate 2 and one at Gate 3/4. These concrete hardstand areas were proposed to provide a level area for aircraft refueling and to provide a fuel resistant surface.

The project also included construction of a new turnaround bay at the 07 runway end, runway grooving and application of all runway markings, replacement of existing cables for runway lights, height re-adjustment of runway edge and end lights and re-leveling of cable manholes and breathers. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) provided funding to complete this project and the rehabilitation design was developed using FAA design standards.

The apron upgrade resulted in a more secure area for plane refueling, protecting the asphalt from fuel spills. It also increased safety for aircraft by replacing runway markings, adjustment of runway lighting and providing a safe turn around area for pilots to maneuver the aircraft from the runway to the apron area.

Location Amata Kabua International Airport, Majuro Atoll
Status Completed
Start Date 2009
End/Estimated Completion Date 2011
Project Classification Safety/Maintenance

Majuro Apron Rehabilitation During construction

Apron Rehab Post-construction

Apron Rehab Post-construction

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Mission Statement

To contribute to the economic and social development of the Republic of the Marshall Islands by establishing, maintaining and managing efficient commercial airport and seaport facilities

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