Port Master Plan

Port Master Plan
The Port Master Plan is a planning document that assesses the condition and needs for the Port of Majuro including the main channel, port fairway, anchorage area, Delap and Uliga docks. The Master Plan includes an analysis of demographic and economic trends, assessment of the Delap and Uliga docks, marine transport trends and forecasts and environmental factors of the port.

The information collected will be used to identify and prioritize the needs of the Port of Majuro, complete an analysis of port operations and management, a prioritization of the port’s needs, develop a cost-benefit analysis and a plan to implement the proposed improvements to the port. The master plan includes as-built surveys of the Delap and Uliga docks as well as direct involvement and information gathering from the stakeholders and users of the ports.

Port Master Plan

A summary of the main tasks of the Port Master Plan are as follows;

  • A multidisciplinary team completed an inventory of existing facilities with observations and photographs.  Select building characteristics were documented and assessments were made of facility conditions, as-built surveys were completed, and as-built drawings of the facilities were reviewed.
  • A public information meeting attended by about 30 stakeholders outlined the purpose of the Master Plan, highlighted recent port improvements, and encouraged participation and feedback.
  • Port stakeholders were interviewed including private and governmental agencies, fueling companies, fishing and shipping industry representatives, etc.
  • A port facility needs assessment was completed covering existing condition and operations, as well as proposed future improvements and expansion.
  • A presentation of findings to stakeholders and RMIPA board members was completed which helped to refine and prioritize the various strategies for the Port.
  • A cost to benefit ratio of the various port improvement projects is being completed.
  • An implementation plan will be developed incorporating the prioritization by the RMIPA board members.

Port Master Plan

The Port of Majuro is considered critically valuable infrastructure for the economy and livelihood of the Republic of the Marshall Islands. As such we are investing in planning for the future of the port including improvements, repairs and upgrades necessary to accommodate current and future economic activity and quality of life.

Location Delap Dock, Uliga Dock, Majuro Atoll
Status Completed
Start Date 2013
End/Completion Date 2014
Funded By RMIPA
Project Classification Planning/Improvements


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Mission Statement

To contribute to the economic and social development of the Republic of the Marshall Islands by establishing, maintaining and managing efficient commercial airport and seaport facilities

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