Security and Surveillance Cameras

A contract for the Procurement, Installation, and Commissioning of a Port Security and Surveillance Camera System was awarded by the RMIPA in June of 2011 to Trinity Security Systems.  The project included installation of remote video cameras and accessories with the aim of enhancing the security of the Uliga and Delap Docks in Majuro Atoll. A total of sixteen cameras were installed at the two docks.

The installed cameras will help to deter terrorist act and illegal activities on both Ports. Video surveillance and recording capability will not only provide added security benefits, but would prove useful in non-terrorist-related emergency scenarios as well. The overall enhancement to the efficiency of prevention, detection, mitigation, and response capabilities is immeasurable. This process will yield a measurable return on investment in cost effectiveness.

UligaCameraview   Delapcameramap

A similar project was implemented during 2013 at Amata Kabua International Airport, specifically at the airport terminal building and the fire station.

The key features of the security surveillance camera systems installed at the airport and at the two docks include:

  • Ability to view cameras from any location in the world using the internet
  • High resolution
  • Deters theft, illegal activities, and terrorist acts at the international airport and seaport facilities
  • All sealed housings to be made of polycarbonate weather proof material with climate control
  • Ability to record or download previously recorded files while monitoring live feeds
  • Ability to view cameras at a time or one camera at a time or different cameras from different locations at the same time on the same screen
  • All systems sold with UL rated power supplies and power filters and battery backup
  • Ability to view camera feeds from any computer at the RMIPA Main Office Building in Delap
Location Amata Kabua International Airport, Majuro Atoll
Status Completed
Start Date 2011/2013
End/Estimated Completion Date 2011/2013
Funded By RMIPA/RMI Government
Project Classification Security

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Mission Statement

To contribute to the economic and social development of the Republic of the Marshall Islands by establishing, maintaining and managing efficient commercial airport and seaport facilities

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