Port of Majuro Master Plan Progress

Representatives of various shipping and fishing companies, Majuro Stevedoring and Terminal Company, Mobil Oil Micronesia, as well as other port stakeholders, gathered at Marshall Islands Resort on Friday, December 13, to hear and discuss preliminary conclusions and recommendations associated with the ongoing Port of Majuro Master Plan. Captain Joe Tiobech, assistant director of RMIPA, who opened the meeting, expressed the intent of RMIPA to gain insights of local stakeholders and welcomed any comments to the preliminary information provided by Lyon Associates, Inc., the consultants retained by RMIPA to prepare the plan.

Key port stakeholders at the recent port master plan meeting in Majuro.

Lyon Associates representatives Sean Dunckel and Jim Pedersen, initially provided an overview of the master plan progress and explained how port stakeholders and the general public will be able to access the soon-to-be published draft master plan report.  The draft Port of Majuro Master Plan will become available in early 2014 via RMIPA’s new website rmipa.com

Their subsequent presentation outlined preliminary conclusions, port improvement objectives, and specific strategies tied to achieving those objectives.  The findings of the Lyon Associates team included conclusions and recommendations associated with Calalin Channel, port fairway, and vessel moorage area; Uliga Dock; Delap Dock; port management, operations and maintenance, and related economic development opportunities.

A substantive discussion of the recommended port improvement objectives and strategies followed the Lyon Associates team presentation.  Constructive comments and insights were shared and discussed by meeting participants.  Their insights will help enable the refinement of the consultant’s preliminary conclusions and recommendations.

The update of the master plan progress, as well as preliminary conclusions and recommendations, was subsequently presented and discussed with the RMIPA Board of Directors and executives staff on Friday, December 13.  The Board of Directors provided further comments and insights based upon their knowledge of port issues and operations, and their vision for future port improvements.  During this meeting, the RMIPA was also led through a prioritization of recommended port improvement objectives to facilitate the consultant’s scheduling of more specific port improvement strategies.

Consultants for the Majuro Port Master Plan with the RMIPA Director.


Mission Statement

To contribute to the economic and social development of the Republic of the Marshall Islands by establishing, maintaining and managing efficient commercial airport and seaport facilities

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