United Airlines

AKIA is served by United Airlines, which merged with and took over flights from Continental Micronesia. United provides service via Guam and Honolulu.

United Airlines schedule (PDF)
United Airlines Majuro operational hours (PDF)
United Airlines Majuro City Ticket Office hours (PDF)


Nauru Airlines

Nauru Airline connects the Central and South Pacific, serving Nauru, Kiribati, Fiji and Australia in addition to RMI.

Nauru Airlines Flight Schedule (PDF)

Air Marshall Islands

Air Marshall Islands provides regular weekly service to many of the Republic’s atolls and islands.

Air Marshall Islands schedule (PDF)

Asia Pacific Airlines

Asia Pacific Airlines serves many islands in the Pacific Ocean with cargo service.

Asia Pacific Airlines schedule (PDF)

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Mission Statement

To contribute to the economic and social development of the Republic of the Marshall Islands by establishing, maintaining and managing efficient commercial airport and seaport facilities

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