RMIPA Accepting Proposals for Revetment Project

The RMI Ports Authority is now soliciting bids for the construction of a rock revetment in Majuro lagoon along the northeastern coastline near Amata Kabua International Airport (AKIA).

This section of seabed north of the existing revetment has been dredged to accommodate the Runway Safety Area (RSA) upgrade and the new revetment will protect the existing shoreline from erosion in that area.

RMIPA has worked closely with RMI Environmental Protection Authority (EPA) to ensure that the construction of the RSA is in compliance with all environmental mitigation requirements and the Dredge Site Revetment Project is a big part of those efforts.  RMIPA Director Jack Chong-Gum believes that the project will be essential to public safety and for reducing possible negative environmental impacts.

“We have all experienced the effects of flooding here recently and the new revetment that RMIPA is constructing will go a long way toward protecting us against those types of events,” Chong-Gum said.  “Not only can we prevent erosion, but we will also safeguarding our assets like the road and water supply reservoirs near the airport.”

Qualified contactors interested in submitting a bid may download a PDF of the invitation for bids, including project details and submission requirements, By clicking Here

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