The Republic of Marshall Islands Ports Authority (RMIPA) oversees the Port of Majuro which consists of Delap and Uliga Docks, the Calalin Channel, Port Fairway and Vessel Anchorage Area within Majuro Atoll. The Uliga Dock is primarily used for interisland cargo and passenger vessels, while the Delap Dock is primarily used for international cargo. The Port of Majuro is the hub of the Marshall Islands economy.

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Port of Majuro

The Port of Majuro is the primary gateway for incoming imports that support the lifestyle of RMI residents and families, the operation of private businesses and local and national government agencies, as well as related jobs in both the private and public sectors of the economy.
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This is done through:

  • Transportation of local residents and cargo between the Port of Majuro and the Outer Islands.
  • Transportation of Copra harvested by Outer Island residents to the Port of Majuro where the copra is processed into various coconut products.
  • Transshipment point for tuna and other fish harvested by the international fishing fleet inside and outside of the RMI Exclusive Economic Zone.
  • International cargo vessels bring in food and supplies and are loaded at the Port of Majuro with general cargo, copra products and fish products to markets in Asia, the Far East and the United States.

The safe and efficient operation of the Port of Majuro is essential to the future operation and expansion of existing businesses, the formation of new economic development opportunities and sustainment of the vital transportation link from Majuro to the Outer Islands.

Government Ministries/Agencies Overtime Pay Rate

RMI EPA, Customs, Quarantines and Immigrations   $75.00 flat rate per boarding
MIMRA Staff                                                                       $75.00 flat rate per boarding
RMIPA Staff                                                                        Hourly OT pay rate x 2 hours per boarding
RMI Sea Patrol Staff                                                          $150.00 flat rate per boarding
For more information on Seaport Tariff. Click here (PDF)


Delap Dock

Delap Dock is the primary commercial cargo dock in Majuro Atoll.
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Delap PortThis dock serves international cargo vessels that deliver a wide variety of imported food and household items, construction equipment and materials, diesel fuel, jet fuels, refinedgasoline products and the offloading of copra and loading of coconut oil produced by Tobolar, a coconut processing operation located on the northeast side of Delap Dock. International fishing vessels also make occasional use of Delap Dock for purse seine net repairs, fuel resupplies and other maintenance. Local stevedores from Majuro Stevedore & Terminal Company process the loading and unloading of imports and exports to and from Delap Dock. A cargo handling area, equipment repair shop, container freight station and RMIPA administrative offices support the processing and storage of containers and general cargo. The Marshalls Energy Company (MEC) occupies a significant portion of Delap Dock for its power plant and administrative offices.

Delap Dock consists of the Main Delap Dock, Delap East Dock, Delap West Dock and the Cargo Handling Area.

  • The Main Delap Dock is located on the southeast side of Majuro Lagoon, extending east to west about 308m.
  • The Delap East Dock is situated on the east side of Delap Dock and is primarily used by interisland cargo vessels for unloading copra to the Tobolar coconut processing operation. The east dock extends approximately 80m north to south.
  • The Delap West Dock is located on the west side of the main Delap Dock and extends approximately 58m north to south.
  • The Cargo Handling Area is adjacent to the main Delap Dock and is used for the movement and storage of dry and refrigerated containers, general palletized cargo and empty containers. The Cargo Handling Area has several structures that directly support the maintenance and repair of cargo handling equipment, as well as provide enclosed areas for stevedore operations.

For depth information at Delap Dock, click here: Delap Depths

Uliga Dock

The Uliga Dock consists of an “L-shaped” dock adjacent to the port fairway, a dock warehouse and a warehouse for the U.S. Agency for International Development Disaster Mitigation Relief.
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seaports_UligaDockThe Uliga Dock is used for the moorage of governmental vessels owned and operated by the RMI Marshall Island Marine Resources Authority (MIMRA), the RMI Ministry of Transportation and Communications and the RMI Ports Authority (RMIPA). Each of these agencies also own facilities situated inland of the dock including: The Outer Island Fish Market Center operated by MIMRA; offices and the Marshall Islands Shipping Corporation (MISC) owned by the RMI Ministry of Transportation and Communications; and, the Warehouse Facility owned by RMIPA and currently leased to the MISC and the International Migration Organization.

For depth information at Uliga Dock, click here: Uliga Depths

Calalin Channel

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The Calalin Channel is between 2.7-3.4km long, its width ranges between 350-450m and depth ranges from 23.5-45m. There is a lighthouse located on Eroj Island at the channel entrance to assist vessels in getting to the vicinity of the Calalin Channel. The channel itself is lined with six different lighted channel markers with day boards that mark the limits of the channel directing vessels safely into Majuro Lagoon.
Calalin Channel Chart

Port Fairway

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Once vessels pass through the channel entrance, they enter an expansive port fairway that leads to Uliga Dock and Delap Dock which are both located on the East end of Majuro Lagoon. Available nautical charts for Majuro Lagoon specify that depths within the Port of Majuro lagoon range from 36 to 64 meters.

The physical width of Majuro Lagoon is roughly 10 km near the center of Majuro Lagoon east of the channel, but gradually reduces to about 2,400 m near the east end of the Lagoon. The potential width of the Lagoon for the navigation of larger commercial vessels is considerably reduced by the presence of several intermittent shoals within the Lagoon. These shoals essentially reduce the effective width of the port fairway to between 2,400 and 7,500 m. The area of Majuro lagoon west of the Calalin Channel is unable to accommodate commercial vessels due to a vast amount of reef shoals. However, this area can still be used by small boats with local knowledge of the waters.
Port Fairway

Vessel Anchorage Area

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Majuro Lagoon provides a well-sheltered and extensive anchorage area for incoming vessels calling upon the Port of Majuro. The anchorage area is situated seaward of Djarrit Village along the northeast end of the port fairway. While this vessel anchorage area is available to any commercial vessel entering the Port of Majuro, the area is almost exclusively used by international fishing vessels and oil tankers calling on the Port of Majuro that typically berth at Delap Dock, unload cargo or fuels and remain in port for not more than one day.

Available bathymetry data and navigation information for the anchorage area suggests that water depths generally range between 27 and 47 meters. The bottom is characterized by sand, coral or soft rock and is very capable of providing moorage to incoming fishing or other commercial vessels.
vessel anchorage area

Ebeye Dock

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Ebeye dock consists of an ‘L’-shaped jetty and longer side berth, plus a 400-foot-long wharf adjacent to the main dock. The Kwajalein Atoll Joint Utilities Resources (KAJUR) office is located at the main dock and the wharf includes a container yard and port office building with offices for the Ebeye Port Commission and the Marshall Islands Shipping and Terminal Company.

Passenger ferry services to and from Kwajalein Island operated by the US Army run six days per week about 10 times per day. The ferry service is open and free of charge to the public.
Ebeye Dock

Marshall Islands Towing and Salvage Company

Marshall Islands Towing and Salvage Company is a division of Pacific International Inc. (PII). MT Ralik II & MT Ratak II are identical 344 GRT, single crew tugs with 2,000 HP.
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LOA: 109 feet
Breadth: 31 feet
Max draft: 12 feet
Speed: 12.5 knots
Bollard pull: 36 tons

Call sign for MT Ralik II: V7YT
Call sign for MT Ratak II: V7YB
Contact: Kenneth Kramer,

Phones: +692-625-3122/ 3560 /5316 Fax: +692-625-3348
After Hours: +692-455-9600 / +692-247-7958
Tug Boats

Majuro Wave Buoy

The PacIOOS wave buoy off Delap Point, Majuro, measures wave height, direction, period, and sea surface temperature in 30 minute intervals. All data is easily accessible online. To keep the buoy operational, please stay 1NM off Delap Point to avoid collision, and do not tie to the buoy or fish near the buoy to avoid entanglement. The Pacific Islands Ocean Observing System (PacIOOS) maintains a network of 13 wave buoys throughout the Pacific Islands region. Wave buoys inform commercial operators, ocean users, agency officials, and others about current ocean conditions and are important to make well-informed and safe decisions.

Mooring Location of the buoy: 7º 5.01’ N , 171º 23.51’ E

Click Here for more information on the Majuro Wave Buoy.

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Information on this page is not to be used for navigational purposes.

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Mission Statement

To contribute to the economic and social development of the Republic of the Marshall Islands by establishing, maintaining and managing efficient commercial airport and seaport facilities

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