Wall Repairs and Security Fence Project Update

Work is underway to install a new TSA-compliant security fence on the ocean side of the runway at Amata Kabua International Airport. The fence design was changed to aluminum chain link due to the corrosive environment of the island. This should ensure an extended life for the fence and that minimal maintenance is performed on the fence. The length of the new fence is approximately 8700 feet.

An additional component of the project is to effect repairs to the concrete wall, also located on the ocean side of the runway. Back in June of 2013, sections of the concrete wall were destroyed by huge waves during a king tide event. “When these sections fell down, a lot of debris and sea water covered the runway, which forced the RMI Ports Authority to temporarily shut down the airport due to safety reasons,” said RMIPA Director Jack Chong-Gum.

Both the fence installation and wall repairs are currently scheduled for completion in early May 2016, provided there are no unforeseen issues come up during the construction. Updates will be posted as necessary.



The contract for the project is Pacific International Inc. AECOM is the consulting firm selected to oversee construction activities of the project.

Mission Statement

To contribute to the economic and social development of the Republic of the Marshall Islands by establishing, maintaining and managing efficient commercial airport and seaport facilities

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